This site is created by a nature and fitness enthusiast. How does outdoor exercise affect people? Keep on reading to find out!

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Kinsey Cole

Welcome to my website! My name is Kinsey Cole and I am a student at Texas State University studying Mass Communication and Business. When I'm not hitting the books my absolutely favorite thing to do is exercise or spend time outdoors. I've fluctuated with my interest in fitness over the years. When I was in high school and younger, I played tons of sports including soccer, track, cross-country, tennis, volleyball and cheerleading. My family is also extremely active, and my mom has a long background in high class personal training, professional soccer, and cycling. Athleticism runs in my blood!

When I joined college, I was away from home and on my own. This made it hard for me to stay passionate with fitness and I stopped playing sports. Over time I developed a distain for the gym and couldn't stand working out inside. To combat these feelings, I began working out in nature. I've come to the point now where I can work out inside or outside, but I'd like to share some of my experiences with taking the gym outdoors.

I created this site to share my love of fitness and nature to hopefully inspire others to get fresh air. You don't need to be a pro athlete to get active. People of all levels can get outside and find a routine they enjoy like I did. I'd say my favorite exercise is running, but I also like to incorporate yard work and daily outdoor activities into my workout routine. If you have any questions or ideas for workouts, you can find my contact info by hitting the button below. Throw on some tennies and let's get going!

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Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Working out is an essential part of staying healthy and fit. I recently became interested in fitness years after playing sports. Being in college can make it hard to find time to play a sport, so I make sure to get my workouts in other ways. It is perfectly fine to join a gym and workout inside, but I personally find fitness to be more enjoyable outdoors. There are also some great benefits to taking your routine outside including fresh air and different workouts to test the body more.

My favorite part about exercising outside is the fresh air. There isn't anything better than getting out of a smelly gym full of sweaty people. Oxygenating the muscles is arguably the most important part of training, so getting the best air possible can help with your workouts. If you find some unique trails nearby you might even see some wildlife and feel more connected to nature. The workout stays interesting with the changes of scenery whereas working out inside can become repetitive and boring after some time.

Another great benefit of working out outside is the space away from other people. If the gym smell isn't enough to convince you to go outdoors, then the prospect of having your own space to workout might. No more waiting around for that machine you want to open up. No more wandering around looking at strangers or worrying that strangers are staring at you. There are plenty of trails and parks around that have less people wandering around than a gym. Instead of focusing on other people, you will be able to focus on your own breathing and workout better. This helped me center my workouts and enjoy them more thoroughly. If you are looking for that social interaction you can look up some local popular trails and find people to be around.

The best part about working out in nature is that you can do almost everything in a gym but outside. I have grown up as a runner and I always appreciate that running outside gives me a harder workout than on a treadmill. You can also get new workouts in as well such as tire throwing which is difficult, but fun. There are tons of great workouts that don't require weights or machines on Pinterest. There are so many great benefits to being outdoors, so give outdoor exercise a chance and get some wonderful fresh air.

Fun Fitness Ideas

Exercising can be difficult to get interested in for people starting out, especially if you want to work out outdoors but don't have any idea of where to start. There are many resources to look up outdoor workouts such as Pinterest and YouTube, but I would like to share my favorite kinds of exercises to do outdoors. I prefer to be outdoors as much as possible, so incorporating a workout routine in nature helps improve my mood. The most fun workouts I do are outside, and I know others would enjoy them too.

My first suggestion for a fun workout would be to look up local trails to jog or walk on. It's nice to get outside and experience nature while getting fresh air during a run. Grabbing a friend to run with you also makes the workout more fun and go by faster. I like to find a friend and make our run a little competition. We will race each other to certain spots and the loser has to buy the other a smoothie afterwards. This game can make you work out harder and give you a healthy incentive for afterwards. If you have a dog bring them along! This is a great way to bond with your furry friend and enjoy the workout more.

Another great way to make exercising outside enjoyable is to find a bootcamp to join either at a gym or rec center near where you live. I have joined a few bootcamps and found the support of others in the class to be extremely rewarding. Getting to try out new exercises outdoors and have the comradery of others around can really boost your workout. There is something special about spending time in nature with a group of people who are working to better themselves physically. You might even make a friend or two like I did.

The last and most fun way to workout outdoors would be to sign up for a Spartan Run! If you have not heard of this event, I encourage you to look it up. They are basically obstacle courses for adults on a running trail. They can include trenches to dive into and large walls to climb over. The best part to me is the muddy events where everyone swims in a pool of mud at the end. Not only does this shock your senses but it feels great when you clean up afterwards! You don't need to be a star athlete to do one of these runs, just a desire to try something new and a great attitude. Below is a picture of me with my dad covered in mud after running in the Warrior Dash, which is another fun race course. I can't wait to do another!

Take a Hike

Local hiker, Daniel, discusses his thoughts on hiking during a gorgeous spring day in San Marcos. Birds are chirping and the world is in bloom while he treks his way through the peaceful trails of Purgatory Creek. Daniel enjoys hiking around the San Marcos area and seeing all the nature around him. Hiking is one of my favorite ways to get exercise outdoors and it was nice to run into someone in my age group that also appreciates it! There are so many resources and options when it comes to finding outdoor spots to hike in which is wonderful.

I used to live in Colorado so I grew up in a very popular state for hiking due to the mountain terrain. It's wonderful to see that Texans also value hiking and trail walking even though the land is less rocky and the weather is hot. I'd say that I prefer to hike in Colorado, but Texas wildflowers have to be one of the biggest challenges to my opinion. This hike with Daniel showcases just a few of the beautiful flowers you can find from taking a walk through Purgatory Creek!

To the right is a slideshow of some of my pictures of the hikes I've been on. I absolutely love to come in contact with wildlife and take in the greenery around me. The picture of the bird is one of my favorites because I felt like Snow White! I don't know why the little guy decided to land on me, but it was definitly a special moment I won't forget. Exercising outside doesnt always have to be about fitness or losing weight. It can also be an easy way to simply reap the benefits of being active while also finding joy in the beautiful world we live in.

Community Thoughts

I wanted to get a general idea of how many other people enjoy to workout outside as well. I know that I personally love it, but I don't see as many people outside doing active things as I'd like. It would be lovely to see more people leaving the gym to get fresh air! I feel stuffy after being inside for too long and I felt like I couldn't be the only one. This is why I took a poll on my instagram with my followers.

I decided to use my instagram for data because not only is it quick, but I have a variety of followers. I wanted to get an idea of how many people preferred the gym over being outdoors and I wanted to know why. I direct messaged one person from each viewpoint to get an inside look on their perspective. I also wanted to see if anyone could challenege my views on the matter. I felt like both sides made good points.

The first response I recieved was from Isaac who enjoys working out inside more. "It's because lifting equipments are accessible indoors. Easier access to get a water break," he said. I can definitly agree that lifting heavy weights could be easier to do indoors if that is what the person is interested in. It is much easier to do cardio outside than heavy lifting in my opinion.

I recieved a couple responses about exercising outside. Marifer said, "I like to workout outside because I like to feel an exposure to nature. I find it very therapeutic and important to be in direct sunlight for a few minutes a day." The other response from Fifi was similar, "It's wonderful to be outside and breath in the nice fresh air and see the pretty scenery!" I also find that getting fresh air is important and agree with their opinions as well. Both groups of people had some interesting ideas on why they like working out indoors vs outdoors!


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