Impact of Meditation

These drawings of mine show the power of how meditation has impacted my life. On the left was a drawing I made about 5 months ago. I was frustrated because I thought that I was out of practice and lost my ability to draw. On the right is a sketch I drew about a week ago. No practice was involved between the two photos.

The only difference is that I have started meditating. After meditating I was much more patient and able to focus on the drawing. My mind was in a dark place a few months ago, but meditation has helped me slow down and appreciate myself and my abilities more than ever. These two drawings are the perfect example of the amazing power meditation has on our brain! I practice Transcendental Meditation (TM) as a daily routine. This habit has improved my life exponentially.

TM is achieved by centering my brain on a special mantra that was given to me by a meditation teacher. This mantra helps me empty my min and go deeper into a trance. Some people don't understand why TM is taught by a teacher that is paid. Though after going through the experience myself, I realize that there is no other way to truly dig deep into the meditation without the guided help for the first time. They also have payment plans and options that are less expensive for college students. TM has helped me relax and take on life with a new positive attitude. Starting out with guided meditations is a great way to get used to it. I have a calm air to me now and I would recommend TM or any form of meditation to anyone.

From my own experience, I've found that meditation helps with: