I have been making various kinds of art since I was very young. It has always been a way for me to relax and get rid of anxiety. I have struggled with chemical depression and anxiety almost my whole life. When I am able to paint or do anything creative it takes me out of my negative thoughts and puts them into something positive. I feel free when I am creative.

I started painting with finger paints and watercolors when I was under the age of five. After discovering anime and manga, I would copy those styles and I fell in love with art. I would draw cartoon versions of my friends and doodles of their favorite cartoon characters. When I went into high school I took a few art classes which taught me how to shade and draw in new mediums. This is where I fell back in love with painting and how I learned to use acrylic paints.

The first painting I ever sold was through an art competition in high school. This painting is the one of the two faces at the top left of this page. My school district bought the painting for $200 to hang in their building. I was also given a congressional award for it's impact on the community. It showcased my inner struggle with depression. It was a moment I will never forget and it made it feel incredibly proud. Art is an incredibly important part of my life.