Healthy Habits

I try to do a healthy habit everyday to stay fit and feeling good. Health is a huge part of my life and very important. I make sure to workout consistently and drink plenty of water. When I workout I do a three to one interval heart rate training. This means that I push my heart rate up to a certain percentage then let it drop again in order to keep myself in a certain fat burning zone. I try to make this a habit in my life by tracking all the exercize I get.

Not only do I go to the gym, but I also play soccer. This is a recent development in my life because I took a break for about eight years. I played soccer my whole life until a dramatic brain injury changed my life. With a lot of training and healing, I've finally found myself to be recovered enough to play again. I recomment sports to any person trying to stay healthy. It is a great distraction while working on fitness and it brings a community of people together.

The most important part about keeping healthy habits is eating right The way one eats is extremely important. Many people believe that working out is the only thing to focus on, but eating right is so important. Getting the right nutrients and protein can help fuel the body to be able to do the exercised to build muscle. Without a good foundation of healthy eating, its hard to see results from working out. There are many health benefits to keeping habits like working out and eating well, which I find very important